New York State Children's Alliance, Inc.

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CAC Peer Groups

Four Peer Group calls are offered each month for NYSCA CAC members: 
CAC Leadership Peer Group, Victim Advocate Peer Group, Mental Health Peer Group, and Outreach and Education Peer Group.

These Zoom calls are facilitated by a NYSCA staff member(s) and are a safe and confidential space to network with others across the state, discuss the challenges and success of cases, and share ideas amongst one another.

If you are a NYSCA CAC Director or Supervisor and wish to be a part of the CAC Leadership Peer Group, reach out to Linda Cleary at

For more information on the Victim Advocate Peer Group, please connect with Tebo Cossa at

For more information about the Mental Health Peer Group or the Outreach and Education Peer Group, please contact Jami Bolton at




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