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Less is More

Less Is MoreCreated by the New York State Children’s Alliance, Inc., the LESS IS MORE training highlights the integral role a Mandated Reporter has in a child abuse investigation process by understanding what is needed to make a call to the State Central Registry (SCR), and what happens after the call is made.

The focus of LESS IS MORE is to present the importance and impact of Child Advocacy Centers in New York State. By defining what a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) and a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) is, our goal is to help Mandated Reporters feel confident about what to do when they suspect child abuse, and reassure them of the importance of their role when it comes to protecting children.

Training Objectives:

  • Know what is needed to make a call to the SCR
  • How to gather necessary information without questioning the child
  • Importance of the role of a Mandated Reporter
  • What a CAC is and how it works
  • Why some cases do not move forward

This One-Hour Training Is Beneficial For:

  • School personnel
  • Day care providers
  • Staff of youth-serving organizations
  • Other groups who work with children

Interested in bringing LESS IS MORE to your area?

Please contact Jami Bolton, Education & Training Coordinator at:

Interested in becoming a LESS IS MORE Trainer?

Anyone interested in becoming a trainer must review a one-hour webinar and successfully pass a short quiz. Once that is completed, you will receive a certificate and access to the Less is More materials.  For access to the webinar please contact Jami Bolton, Education & Training Coordinator at:

Are you a certified LESS IS MORE trainer, looking for LESS IS MORE Training Materials? Contact Jami.



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