Programs & Services

Our Specialized Services

NYSCA works to promote the development, growth, and continuation of MDTs and CACs to ensure all children in New York State have access to effective services at a Child Advocacy Center when needed. We provide training, technical assistance, support, and resources to meet the individual and collective needs of our membership. For more information regarding NYSCA programming please contact our office at 585-402-8086 or email

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Membership Support

NYSCA provides facilitated networking and mentoring opportunities for members including:

  • New Director Mentoring Program
  • CAC Director Mentoring

Programs and Training

NYSCA provides training, technical assistance, resources and support on topics relevant to the work of CACs and MDTs.

This includes, but is not limited to:

CAC Management

  • Outcome Measurement System
  • NCAtrak case tracking database


Community Outreach & Education

Victim Advocacy

  • Victim Advocacy Training
  • Peer Support Group


Multidisciplinary Teams

  • MDT Development
  • MDT Academy
  • Annual Membership Conference

Peer Review Program

  • Forensic Interview
  • Medical


NYSCA serves as a unified voice advocating in the best interest of our membership at the local, state and national level on matters related to child abuse and childhood trauma.