New York State Children's Alliance, Inc.

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Legislative Action

NYSCA considers legislation for support that directly pertains to Child Advocacy Centers, child abuse investigations, prosecution, treatment, or the functioning of multidisciplinary investigative or treatment teams.  In legislation pertaining to above topics, the following evaluative guides are utilized in decisions regarding NYSCA support:

  1. New initiatives should coordinate with existing programs and systems to maximize use of funds and personnel
  2. Initiatives should enhance existing partnerships, not undermine those partnerships
  3. Initiatives should provide positive outcomes for the network of Child Advocacy Centers rather than a specific location
  4. Initiatives should support prevention efforts related to child abuse prevention and education

NYSCA has established protocols for its membership that serve to ensure local centers are kept informed of developing NYSCA statewide policy initiatives and are given an opportunity to provide input.  It shall be the goal of NYSCA and the Public Policy Committee to develop policy platforms that represent the best interests of the overall membership and sustainability of the movement.

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