Each year our members investigate, prosecute offenders, and provide treatment and services to children and families impacted by child abuse. This support helps communities in their efforts to hold offenders accountable for their victimization of children and to help children and families heal from trauma by implementing evidence-based treatment and practices.

In order to support our members in the vital work that they do, NYSCA provided training to over 300 professionals in 2017 by offering:

  • 2 Victim Advocate Trainings
  • A Forensic Interview Recording Summit
  • An Annual Leadership Conference
  • 2 Combating Secondary Traumatic Stress Trainings
  • An Interviewing Child Victims with Disabilities Training

In 2018 Child Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams in New York State:

  • Provided services for over 23, 578 children who have experienced abuse.
  • Provided  3,308 forensic medical evaluations.
  • Provided mental health treatment for over 6,000 children.

Click here to view the NYS CAC data for 2018.

What Families Say About Their Experience:

  • 95% of caregivers report that their child felt safe at the center in which they were seen.
  • 98% of caregivers felt their questions were answered by our members.
  • “Everyone here treated me and my daughter wonderfully” – Mom to an 8 yr. old.
  • “I feel that because of the services provided, I am more comfortable in providing the support my child needs to get her through this situation and I have a good support team here at the center for my daughter and myself.”- Mom to a 12 yr. old.
  • “Things went very well with my daughter at the center and the first words out of her mouth when we got in our vehicle were: ‘When are we going back there?’ They made things so comfortable for the both of us. I would like to thank the entire staff for that.” – Father to a 5 yr. old